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Goodbye, old friend


Bill Kunkel 1950 - 2011

Bill and I lived 6 doors down from one another on a sunny street in Glendale, Queens.  We met when we were both 5 years old ... we were inseparable ... best friends ... brothers.  Although he had 5 other brothers and sisters, Bill's family took me everywhere with them and always welcomed me as one of the family. We were never at a shortage of good times, good stories and good laughs. 

Bill was brilliant ... a super talent, and visionary ... more than he gave himself credit for.   (Just read the obit links NY Times.com obit, Wired.com obit, IGN Bill Kunkel Tribute.)

Although we were not close geographically, (Las Vegas, Michigan, Long Island) Bill and I had a bond that will always be  unbroken.  We would keep in touch; reminiscing stories that would make us laugh no matter how many times they were repeated.

Bill passed away yesterday (Sept. 4th).  There's a hole in my heart and I I will miss him desperately ... Fogerty to Henry ... RIP.

Note: Bill would have celebrated his 65th birthday this month.

TwinGalaxies created 'Video Game Trading Cards'.  Bill is #1192.  I never thought while Bill and I were flipping baseball cards against the stoop as kids, I would one day think, "Bill Kunkel...flip him, collect him, trade him with your friends." I also ever thought I would have to say ... miss him.

'Fmaj7 Productions'



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08-Jun-2017 12:07 PM