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Includes: Tesoriere's / Scala's / Monteleone's / Ofria's / Irons' / Butlers

Nov. 2003 Nov. 2003 Aug. 2008    
me n Ad' me n' lyss' Oct 2007 July 2008  
  "The Aiello's" 1978 Mom n' me Mom, Dad and Grandpa  
The Aiellos Bros Grandma Aiello Aunt Josie Family in the basement  
 Monteleone's:                   Top Row Left to Right: Uncle Casper, Aunt Frances, Uncle Joe, Aunt Katherine Grandma

Bottom Row: Great Grandpa Monteleone, Aunt Lily, Great Grandma Monteleone

The Cousins Frank, Joey, and Samantha Joey and Samantha
Joey and Mom Joey and Carole Joey and Frank What a difference a few years can make.. Scala's
Uncle Joe Aunt Rose and Uncle Joe The twins Marylyn  
Aunt Delores and Uncle 'Pat' Jude n Joanne      
Monteleone Visit Aug. 11 2008    
The Entire Family Me n Scala's Genii at work   Zach and Blake 2007
Aiello's Alyssa me n' lyss' Shoulderman 2008 ... 2008 / 09