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BLOG-o-mania: not a blog but an incredible simulation ... really, just a short word or two

Here's the Fall edition ... well, it's almost Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for .... a new Grandchild, another on the way in January.  I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park

REMINDER: keep coming to your meetings throughout the holidays.  Something pretty, pretty good is coming. (...said in my best Larry David voice.)
No matter what the season, come to your meeting weekly and make Beyond the Scale a positive part of your life style. 

Anything else BLOG worthy will be on member2member (facebook) ... join up and check it out.

Please write the day of your meeting on the calendar and commit to attend your meeting every week.  It is part of the winning formula to weight loss success.  My meeting schedule... Receptionists
Sunday Selden 08:15 AM Men only (for the meeting although all can weigh in) Danielle / Tina
    09:45 AM All are welcome
Monday Selden 5:30 PM Ellen P.
Wednesday Shirley 10:15 AM Ellen/Denise
  Miller Place 5:30 PM Terry
Friday Lake Ronkonkoma 11:15 AM Kathy

Weigh-ins start approx 30 minutes prior to meeting time.

Come to your meeting for the strategies and skills to handle any season.  Hope to see you there! ... V

"LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN"  REMINDER:  At 8:15 AM, on Sunday's, we have a meeting for MEN only.  Men discussing the challenges, ups and downs they deal with on a daily basis.  This group has already lost 100's of pounds and is very successful.  SO ... If you know any male looking for a healthier weight and lifestyle, pass the word

Just a word of thanks and encouragement ... To all who attend meetings every week, I applaud your sense of commitment and motivation. The first and best step of a successful Weight Watcher is the one that brings you through the door and to your meeting. I personally want to thank you for sharing that experience with me.

Digital Tools Demo/Workshops ... need help with Weight Watchers' Digital Tools ... How do I track?  How do I  use the scanner? ... Where's the calculator? ... Where's the recipe builder?  All this and a lot more will discussed at a Digital Tools Workshop.  Schedule below:

Next DTD's Dec. 5th / Patchogue @ Noon
and Dec. 13th / Miller Place @ 7 PM

The DTDW will only be held 2X a month in the eastern Suffolk territory...The first Tuesday of the month in the Patchogue Store @ 12PM and the second Wednesday of the month in the Miller Place store @ 7 PM

Please have the app downloaded, installed and ready to use.

Please be punctual...thanks

    If you have a question or a Weight Watchers related concern, email me by clicking on Vito Simpson (to the left) or ivito@optonline.net

Join our facebook group: member2member

Come join our facebook group ... member2member ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/wwinvitosworld/ ... I created this group for members who attend my Weight Watchers meetings.  Years ago I had a Weight Watchers dedicated website; it was called member2member...the idea: a site by members to be shared with other members. Since this group embodies that concept and as a homage to that site I decided to rename the group to: member2member Thanks,

It's a great way to keep in touch. Feel free to share your Weight Watching experiences ... ask questions ... celebrate your success ... post recipes ... talk with a fellow member ... keep track of your friends from your group ... post events ... discuss the meeting, etc.  You know, do the 'facebook thing!' (whatever that is-lol)... just share and have fun.  (Currently over 300 members)

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“If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney

 Tis the Season
Spring has sprung!!

Thanksgiving Strategies
NEW! Updated 207 THANKSGIVING FOOD LIST: Includes Thanksgiving food, tips and a great Thanksgiving dessert.
A New Nog ... calorie friendly (well.. friendlier) 4SPV
Halloween Candy SmartPoints Values
(common) Passover Foods
Easter Candy  -  the list was cut considerably.  I had a hard time looking up the nutrition info
PointsPlus™ values for BARBEQUES



Fruit FAQs 1: When do I have to count my fruit? What if I juice it? Blend it? Mash it? Bake it? Shake it? 5 Guys Burgers & Fries 'Nutrition" Info
Fruit FAQs 2: Why does the Recipe Builder on eTools assign SmartPoint values for fruits and vegetables?  
NEW ... That Drink Could Be A Doughnut The Breakfast list (need some ideas?  try some of these)
10 Ways 10 Pounds Can Change Your Life   
The 17 Words That Will Never Fail You 17 Healthy foods for under a $1 
'How To Keep Your 'Diet' on Track.' 20 Worst Drinks (2010)
White rice vs Brown rice ... why brown is better NEW  
Here's the actual CSPI report on Movie Snacks FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Info
Movie Popcorn Has Shocking Calories, Fat      F&V's by Color
MyPlate ... what's MyPlate?  check it out.      Food Color Wheel (NEW)
Want to DOUBLE your weight loss?  Dr. Weil tells you  how ... (actually we told you first)          How to buy produce
What Soft Drinks Are Doing To Your Body?      Making Healthy Fruit Smoothies?  How's that working for you?NEW
Why Slow Weight Loss WINS!      Your Questions about Fruit Answered NEW (source: eTools)
Work Out In No Time  
 (Hint: it’s not 0) or any “Too Good to Be True Alcohol Beverages”  

Never let perfection get in the way of progress.

* Dr. Oz's Aging and Vitamins

Vitamins Men 20 - 35

Vitamins Women 20 - 40

Vitamins Men 35 - 50

Vitamins Women 40 - 50

Vitamins Men 50 - over

Vitamins Woman 50 - over

Dr. Oz's anti-cancer shopping list


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