Grilled Corn

Recipe from Weight Watchers Slim Ways Grilling


Corn can be grilled in advance and used for a variety of dishes, including salsas, salads, soups and chowders. Once you remove the kernels from the cob, you can also freeze them.

Makes 8 servings


1 point per serving




8 small ears corn (5" long)




*      Prepare grill for a medium fire, using direct method (see Cooking Methods).


*      Gently pull back outer leaves of corn husk without removing leaves completely; remove silk. Smooth leaves back over corn and soak in cold water 10 minutes.


*      Grill corn, covered, all vents open, 15-20 minutes. Peel husk away from corn, trim stem and serve immediately.Or let cool, stand cob on end and cut kernels from cob with a knife.



PER SERVING: 89 Calories, 1 g Total Fat, 0 g Saturated Fat, 0 mg Cholesterol, 14 mg Sodium, 21 g Total Carbohydrate, 3 g Dietary Fiber, 3 g Protein, 2 mg Calcium


Cooking Methods

Direct or Indirect

When the coals are ready, they can be arranged for two different methods of cooking: direct or indirect. In the direct method, coals are spread out in the middle of the grill and the food is cooked directly above. This method cooks food quickly, resulting in more

browning on the outside of the food. Direct cooking is best suited for smaller pieces of food such as kabobs, steaks, chops, burgers or vegetables.

With the indirect method - an option only with covered grills - the heat surrounds the food rather than radiating directly onto it. Itís the preferred method for cooking larger, thicker items such as whole roasts or other large cuts of meat. The food is placed directly over a drip pan - a foil or foil-covered heat-resistant pan that is slightly larger than the food being grilled. (A foil pie pan makes a great drip pan.) The hot coals are then spread around the drip pan, and the lid is closed. In gas grills with two burners, one burner is lit and the food is placed directly above the other, unlit burner