Buffalo Chicken Burgers

(from 2008 WW Shortcuts cookbook)



1 lb ground chicken breast 

1 celery stalk, chopped 

2 scallions, chopped (which I never used 'cause of the kids) 

3 tbsp. quick cooking oats 

3-4 (or more) tbsp. Franks Red Hot Sauce 


If you want to barbeque them freeze them first; else broil them.    

Broil as sliders about 5 min each side (as burgers a little longer....)   

Use tiny sliders rolls, like Martin's Party Rolls Enjoy!   

(If you can’t find ‘party rolls,’ buy hot dog rolls and cut them)  


The whole recipe is 18 PP.    

• Makes 16 sliders 

• PointsPlus value  1  

          if you make 12 sliders PointsPlus value 1 for 1 … 3 PP for 2