Protein Packed Eggs

POINTS per serving


Yield/Serves: 12


If you like tuna salad, you will love this healthy alternative to deviled eggs. In fact, I should call them “angeled” eggs, as they are heavenly and quite the opposite of traditional unhealthy deviled eggs. Not only do they have minimal fat, they are easy to make, taste great, and are loaded with protein—a necessity on Super Bowl Sunday (most diets on this day are loaded with simple refined carbohydrates)! 

12 large free-range eggs (Omega-3 fortified are best)

(2) 12-ounce cans white albacore tuna packed in water

¼ cup light mayonnaise (or soy-based mayo)

¼ fat-free plain yogurt

¼ sweet pickle relish

Fresh ground black pepper




Prepare hardboiled eggs by gently boiling eggs in water for 12 minutes (best to use eggs that are at least one week old as they peel easier). Drain with cold water and refrigerate until completely chilled (overnight is best). Peel eggs and rinse to remove any excess shell. Pat dry and cut in half, length wise. Remove and discard the egg yolk (we will only use the egg whites as they are highest in protein and do not contain the fat and cholesterol found in the yolk).


Thoroughly drain tuna and place in a medium bowl. Separate or shred the tuna using a fork. Add the mayonnaise, yogurt, and relish. Mix well. Add pepper to taste. Spoon the tuna mixture into the crevice of the egg white, forming a small mound. Arrange eggs on platter and sprinkle with paprika for garnish.


Variation: Add diced celery, scallions, or parsley to tuna mixture.


Nutritional Value Per Serving:


Calories: 60


Total fat: <1 g


Saturated fat: <1 g


Protein:  11 g