FAQ: Why does the Recipe Builder on eTools assign PointsPlus values for fruits and vegetables?


The recipe builder can't tell if you've made a baked apple with cinnamon or banana bread with heavy cream. It only knows you've made something with fruit. At Weight Watchers, we want all of our recipes to be consistent with each other. And we want them all to be consistent with any recipe you might have at home with nutritional information. So we calculate every recipe the same wayŚwe add up all the nutritional info and calculate the PointsPlus values from there. This gives you the MOST accurate PointsPlus values. And for really tasty items like banana bread with heavy cream, you probably want that information if you want to see weight-loss results. BTW, this is always how the Recipe Builder worked with zero PointsPlus value vegetables, it just wasnĺt as obvious before zero PointsPlus value fruits came along.