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August 2011...Aug 2nd: As many of you know Weight Watchers' Patchogue  and Ronkonkoma centers will be getting a new home to state of the art stores.  I'm afraid, after many years of service at the Patchogue and Ronkonkoma stores,  I will not be making the move with you.  (Tonight, Aug. 2nd, will be my last meeting in Ronkonkoma.)  Please know, especially those who don't know me, this is in no way a reflection of my abilities as a leader.  It is, unfortunately, a sign of the times we live in.  I invite you to come to one of my other meetings; I would love to see you.  Please know that I have loved working with you and will miss you all greatly.  ...

[I've gotten such nice, supportive, emails from many of my Ronkonkoma and Patchogue friends.  Many asking an address to voice their feeling about the changes.  Lorraine (Tuesday 12:15) gave me this for me to post:

Corporate Complaints

8900 State Line Road

Suite 250

Leewood Kansas, 66206

Aug 3rd: Did my last Ronkonkoma meeting last night ... I can't express how thankful I am to Anne for making a little party to send me off.  Anne that was super nice of you ... I will never forget it.  TBH, I didn't think I would take this as hard ... "Now I know I have a heart 'cause it's breaking" ... Goodbye Tin man.

Oct. 8, 2010...My Monday night / Selden 7PM has been officially closed ... effective date Oct. 11.  To all my 7 PM friends, I am so sorry for this inconvenience.  Hopefully, you can make the 5:30 (Selden) or one of my other meetings...till we meet again.  Thank you all, once again. ..."

August 2010... It grieves me to have to say goodbye to my friends on Monday mornings in Miller Place.  I've been facilitating meetings on Mondays in MP for over 15 years and sad to see it go.  I was informed after the meeting on the 23rd the attendance hasn't been up to par this past year and instead of shutting it down, WW is hoping to breath new life into that meeting by placing someone else in.  I thank you for your past support and loyalty and wish you continued success.  You will be missed.  If you'd like to attend another of my meetings, my schedule is listed above. 

I've gotten many supportive emails from members about the groups that were cut from my schedule.  I thank all that took the time to write me and wanted you to know how much it was appreciated.